Why Reflexology? 

My objective: to restore the inner balance and make this good - to be for a better health.

The reasons can be numerous.  To name but a few : nervous tension, digestive problems, stresss, insomnia, poor blood circulation, accompaniment in the process of stopping smoking ...


BUT ALSO: Take care of yourself and simply perpetuate this well being as a way of life

Session 45 €/1h - From monday to saturday (09:00 to 20:00)

Foot reflexology has been practiced for thousands of years, and during my travels I have been able to discover populations that do not suffer the same ills as us, such as stress or depression to name but two. These people regularly see a reflexologist, and rarely take medication.


Feet are considered the soul by the Chinese. Energy enters and invades the body to provide a permanent state of well-being. But when the balance is no longer there, then that well-being disappears and that's where I come into play: the goal of reflexology is to restore what is called homeostasis (the inner balance of the body). Its practice helps to manage stress, release tension, promote blood circulation and unblock nervous impulses. It is a natural and safe accompaniment therapy, practiced for over 2000 years.


However, it does not replace medicine and cannot in any case modify or replace a medical treatment prescribed by a doctor.


Under no circumstances can we establish a diagnosis, make a prescription or modify a treatment, nor establish one.